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The Grandmaster Movie


All those who love watching martial arts action film, must watch The Grandmaster movie online. The movie is the finest speciment of martial arts drama as it chronicles the life of great martial arts leader, Ip Man. The Chinese-HongKong martial arts film first released in China on January 8, 2013. The movie however is now releasing across the cinema halls in the world on August 23, 2013.

So you better download The grandmaster movie online and watch this film in your spare time to enjoy the biggest martial arts drama of the season. The movie begins with Ip Man remunerating scenes from his past life when he first began training at a tender age of seven years, his marriage to his wife Cheung Wing-sing, his fight with Gong Yutian and his fight and unexplained relationship with Gong Er, Gomg Yutian's daughter.

So as you watch The grandmaster movie online for free, you will find that the film is full of powerful action sequences, glorious cinematography and interesting dialogue. The movie is written and directed by famous Chinese film maker, Wong Kar-Wai. The star cast of this film includes all the popular Chinese Hongkong actors, Ziyi Zhang, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, and Chen Chang as the main characters in this film.

The film's all international distribution rights are controlled by The Weinstein Company and is produced by Wong Kar-Wai along with two other credits. With a running time of 130 minutes, you can easily download The grandmaster movie online and watch this film in your free time.